Is Your HVAC Ready for Winter?

Being prepared for winter is more than just pulling out warm hats and heavy coats. Having an unreliable heating system can drastically change your winter season. No one wants to be stuck in the cold waiting for their heater to be fixed, so preparing your HVAC system is crucial during this time of year.

Warm and Cozy

Yearly maintenance from professionals and being aware of the equipment can help maintain a healthy HVAC system this winter and beyond. To stay cozy and warm this season we’ve put together necessary tips to consider when it comes to your comfort.

“Annual HVAC system maintenance is recommended once in the spring for your cooling equipment and again in the fall for your heating system. If you have a heat pump, the combined heating/cooling system should receive maintenance twice a year.” – Dino Dividu of Aaron Services

Regular HVAC Tune-Ups

HVAC tools

The best way to give your HVAC system a fighting chance is yearly appointments. Issues with your equipment can be fixed with regular preventive maintenance even before winter comes. We suggest hiring a specialist about two times a year to give your system a quick look over. These quick tune-ups on your system can also increase the lifespan of your equipment. Looking for an HVAC professional this winter season? Jonny On It has you covered, use our app to get connected to a trusted HVAC specialist before it’s too late!

Things You Can Do

Jonny's checklist

Keeping an HVAC system running smoothly can be as simple as being aware of noises and replacing air filters. Here are some things you can do before, during, and after the winter season.

  • Replace air filters at least once every three months. A dirty filter can cause your system to work harder, which slows down the efficiency.
  • Watch for moisture on your windows or a dirty, rusty vent pipe. This can indicate that there are problems with your equipment.
  • Be aware of unusual sounds, like banging or rattling. Loud noises typically mean there’s an issue with your system that needs addressing.
  • Test your HVAC system throughout the year to make sure it is working properly. Turn the heat on before winter. If it never reaches the preferred temperature or takes a long time, there may be a problem.

Give your HVAC the gift of a quick refresh this holiday season and throughout the year to avoid problems in the future. It may feel like winter has come early this year, so remember these tips to keep your equipment in shape.

Stay warm friends!
– Jonny