Checklist to Follow When Selling a Home

Checklist for Selling a Home

According to Zillow the best time to sell a home is early spring. With January coming to a close it’s time to make a checklist for getting the place ready to go! Every home has its own character but there are a few things to keep in mind before putting it on the market.

We’ve put together a short checklist to help you organize and prep a home before the big listing day. Good luck!

1.  Big Ticket Items

Hardwood floors

No house is perfect, so before taking the big plunge by putting it on the market, fix a few of the bigger issues. It may be time for a new roof or new floors and you’ve been putting them off for too long. However, if you’ve noticed the leak or scratches, the potential buyer will too. Besides, the big ticket items make the home more valuable in the long run and can alleviate some stress of the closing period. If you are looking for an easy way to get these big projects done, Jonny On It can save you time with our quick and safe app.

2.  Clean, Declutter and Depersonalize


This may seem obvious but buyers can be picky, and a cluttered or dirty area will stand out in a bad way. Pay attention to kitchens, bathrooms, and high traffic areas, these rooms will need the most upkeep. This is also the perfect time to depersonalize the home. Take family photos down and secure personal items (jewelry, keepsakes, etc.). This keeps all the valuable items safe during tours and can help the buyer picture themselves in the home.

3. Repaint Walls to Neutral Tones

Neutral Tone Walls

Unfortunately, not all buyers will love the homeowner’s favorite color palette, so painting the interior walls to neutral tones is recommended when selling a home. The neutral walls will brighten up the space and feel more inviting. This also allows the buyer to focus on the qualities of the home rather than the bright yellow walls in the living room.

4.  Consider The Curb Appeal

Curbside appeal

Curb appeal is critical. The front of the house is the first view of the home every buyer will see (whether in-person or online). The exterior must be well kept and key features should be emphasized to rouse interest. This can be as simple as planting flowers, repairing cracks in the driveway, or upgrading the front door. All of these touches improve the outside of the home and can catch the eye of the right buyer.

5.  Show Off Your Home’s Best Features

Pretty Pool

As we said, every home has its own character, use the home’s uniqueness to your advantage. If the home has a luxurious pool or an extensive wrap around porch, make sure they are in tip top condition before putting it on the market. These distinctive elements can make a sale if presented properly.

6.  Small Details Matter


Take the time to notice small details in the home. Slight upgrades in cabinet hardware or adding curtains can really enhance a room. Also, make sure all the light fixtures work properly and have fresh light bulbs. Yes, these tasks are small but they can make a difference to potential buyers when considering the home.

7.  Prepare for The Open House

Open House sign

There are pros and cons to having an open house, but if you feel it’s the best way to produce buzz for the home, plan accordingly. Before the open house, place signs around the neighborhood to generate interest in the area. You can also run ads and reach out to local agents and brokers with the new listing. Then, prepare all necessary documents that potential buyers want to see (inspection reports, homeowner’s association rules, etc.). A the open house, appeal to all the senses of the guests by baking cookies, lighting candles, or offering refreshments. Little touches can impact a buyers experience during the tour and how they remember the home afterward.

Selling a home isn’t a small task, so save yourself some stress and be prepared and organized beforehand. Diligently mark off your checklist when prepping the home to show it in the best light possible. Then, it will sell in no time!

– Jonny

New Year, New House

Most New Year’s Resolutions have to do with weight loss, money, or spending time outside of work. However, according to Business Insider, about 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February! That’s quite a few dollars and hours that aren’t being utilized as planned. It can be hard to change yourself but if you change your surroundings perhaps, the rest can fall in line a little easier.

To make this simple, here are 3 easy tasks to focus on the inside of your house and 3 simple projects for the outside.

New Year’s Resolutions for Inside

1. Clear the Clutter

Clean Room

One of the easiest ways to refresh and revitalize your home is letting go of stuff you know you don’t need. In 2019, make it a goal to tackle a new room each week or each month. Donate anything you don’t use, wear or think about anymore. Be careful not to use this as an excuse to go down memory lane for too long. Decide if this something you are storing or is this something you are using.

2. Be a Little Greener

Programmable Thermostats

Being green can mean protecting the environment and protecting the green in your wallet. Try using less energy to cut down on your bills and your “carbon footprint.” Installing a programmable thermostat can keep your house comfortable when you’re home to enjoy it and save energy when you’re out.

3. Make a Cleaning Routine

Cleaning Routine

Cleaning isn’t exactly something we look forward to when we wake up, but if you do it regularly it doesn’t turn into a 2 day marathon before you have guests. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals for chores around the house. Make it a priority to carve out time in your weekly schedule and the results will leave your home and mind feeling de-cluttered.

There are few things you can do every day to keep a fresh house. Wash the dishes every night and make it a goal to put them up first thing in the morning. Before bedtime, pick up any small items around the house and clear the kitchen counter of any clutter. Dedicating 15 minutes a day to small tasks will make a big difference as well as create a habit. If you have children, include them in the routine as well! Make it something that the family does together as a team.

Once a week clean the whole house. Divide and conquer by assigning each family member in the house a different room or chore. Children can be assigned smaller tasks such as dusting and picking up the toys in their rooms.

There are a few efforts that can be done monthly like cleaning your dishwasher. These are simple but can be categorized as home and appliance maintenance.

New Year’s Resolutions for Outside

1. Keep Outside, Outside

Frosted Window

Check your weather stripping around doors and windows. If you feel a breeze coming in, your heat is going out and that programmable thermostat isn’t able to help much with your power bill. As the temperatures get colder, you aren’t the only one that likes to be warm, if there’s space for critters to get inside, they will.

2. Foundation Inspection

Damaged Wood

Take a walk around your home examining the foundation. Check both inside and out inspecting for termite tunnels. The damage caused by termites can be difficult to see but search for signs of sawdust and tunneling then book a job with a professional (we know a couple).

3. Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are great for security but so much more. It gets dark early in the winter months and coming home with groceries to a dark walkway can be dangerous. Motion sensor lights can also be part of your “green” effort. These lights are very efficient and totally eliminate the possibility of leaving the lights on all day and night, saving you green.

New Year’s Resolutions are hard to keep. Planning a lifestyle change can be done as long as you approach it in steps. Every little bit helps and once your house is in order, you can spend time with friends and family comfortably.