5 Preventative Maintenance Tips to Avoid Emergency AC Repair


Having an AC unit in your home is an excellent thing. In addition to keeping the internal temperature of your house comfortable, AC units circulate air and keep your environment fresh and clean. Like any hard-working home appliance, though, your AC unit needs routine maintenance to keep it running strong and to avoid emergency AC repair.

With that in mind, here are the top five preventative maintenance tasks to perform if you want to keep your AC in great shape:

1. Check (and change) the filter

Dirty air filters are a significant culprit when it comes to AC issues. The reason is simple: when AC filters get clogged up, they prevent the unit from drawing air effectively, thus forcing it to work harder (and less efficiently) than it would otherwise. 

Luckily, this problem is easy to prevent. To keep things clean, check your air filter and change or clean them as needed. The experts recommend you do this every 30-90 days – or more frequently when you’re running your AC often. 

2. Clean your vents

Your AC’s vents are like the lungs of the system: they move airflow through the unit and into your home. Like your AC’s filter, though, they’re exposed to debris and environmental pollutants daily. When your vents become clogged, air can’t flow smoothly, and the entire system suffers. To avoid this, check and clean the vents at least a few times a season. While you can DIY this if you know your way around an AC unit, it’s much easier to contact a skilled HVAC repair person to do this preventative maintenance for you.

3. Clean the outside unit

Your AC unit likely has two parts: the inside and the outside component. While caring for the internal portions of your unit is essential, it’s also critical to keep an eye on the exterior part of the system. To keep your AC running strong, check that the area surrounding the unit is free of leaves, twigs, debris, and more. 

If you notice shrubs or plants impeding on the area, cut them back, so there’s at least three feet of clearance on all sides of the unit. Finally, wipe the outside of the unit down to get rid of dirt and grime, or give it a gentle spray with the garden hose. 

4. Consider annual maintenance

Just like your car runs better with regular oil changes, your AC unit will operate more efficiently when it gets annual maintenance. With this in mind, consider investing in a yearly maintenance plan that provides seasonal repair and cleaning. Specifically, the program should offer spring and fall tuning, cleaning, and repair. 

While most homeowners don’t realize this, regular maintenance can prevent the vast majority of AC issues. It will also extend the life of your equipment and keep your system operating at peak efficiency. 

5. Inspect and repair refrigerant lines

If your AC’s vents are the system’s lungs, the refrigerant lines are the veins and arteries. When they work correctly, they carry a system-saving refrigerant throughout the unit, keeping things fresh and helping your home stay comfortable. 

When they’re not operating correctly, though, the entire system suffers. To keep things cool and safe, inspect and repair your refrigerant lines monthly. If one is missing, cracked, or damaged, give it the attention it needs. Again, you can DIY this job, but it may be easier to hire an HVAC professional to do it for you. 

Keep Your AC Unit Running Well 

Your AC unit works hard for you, and it deserves some love in return. Luckily, keeping the system running strong and preventing catastrophic failure is as easy as doing some preventative maintenance. 

While some of the tips above are DIY-able, it’s easier and more efficient to hire an HVAC professional to check these boxes for you. Luckily, Jonny On It makes it easy to find skilled AC experts to handle all your jobs – from significant repairs to small maintenance tasks. 

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