September 25, 2018

5 Fall Tips

Say that three times fast.

Ah fall, what a great time of year. The weather is changing, you can finally wear your favorite boots, and it is acceptable to drink pumpkin spice lattes everyday. What hasn’t changed is that house you haven’t sold yet… but no need to fear, Jonny On It is here!

I’ve laid out 5 things you need to be aware of this fall season. The best part? I can help with all of them! So, sit back, relax, check out these great tips and let me do all the work when the time comes.

1. Heating

Heating Unit

Cold weather is on the rise. Don’t let September be the first time you check out the HVAC system because you do not want to get stuck in the cold! Some tips to keep your unit in tip top shape are: clean debris to prevent airflow obstruction, change the air filter, check that the unit is level, and do an insulation check. These are all a bonus for a potential buyer. To save time and trouble, have regular maintenance done by an HVAC specialist to avoid any unsuspected issues.

2. Roof


An inspected new roof is a huge selling point for buyers, and fall is the perfect time to have this done. Why fall? Because the roof has been exposed to the summer heat, the temperature cool down will make the roof more accessible for specialists. Plus, if the roof does need to be redone, you will have an ample timeframe to get it finished before winter starts to blow through.

3. Hurricane


Hurricane season is in full swing in the fall, and unfortunately they are not very forgiving when it comes to selling houses. This season can be unpredictable, so there should be a checklist available to help sell a house during this time. Here are some questions you should ask: Is your client in a flood zone? Do they need hurricane straps/clips for their roof? Are the doors tightly screwed in, or do they need to install a 1” deadbolt? Are the windows set with impact glass or do they need to be replaced? Do the trees need to be trimmed back? Make sure your clients are aware of these seasonal details to expedite the closing.

4. Plumbing prep for winter


Leaky faucet

Frozen pipes are not a fun way to celebrate the holiday season. Have the plumbing inspected by a professional during the fall and save so much stress, time, and money. Many plumbing issues begin in the winter; anything from leaky pipes to the water heater can cause controversy while selling a house. Being ahead of the game will only rescue you in the end.

5. Vermins


cold mouse

You aren’t the only one who wants to be warm when the seasons change. Rodents will be looking for a home to rest in and they just might choose your client’s. To be prepared, find an inspector to check the exterior perimeter of the home for gaps and holes where the rodents can enter. Gnaw marks are the tell tale sign a rodent is in the home and the quicker it is resolved, the better.


Using the fall season to stay ahead of the game is for you and your client’s benefit! All of these issues can be deal breakers for some buyers. So, being prepared with me in your back pocket will put you in the perfect spot to sell this home!

Happy Fall Y’all,

Jonny On It

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