March 22, 2019

Avoid DIY Fails

DIY Fails

Spring cleaning can expose projects that have been hiding through the winter. Now that we have completed our hibernation period, it’s time to tackle some of the “honey-do” projects around the house. According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, “Last year alone, nearly 40% of Americans considered starting a DIY project.” However, many projects are postponed or completely abandoned due to time, overestimation of abilities, and financial reasons. It’s wise to know your own limits and even better to call a professional when you are out of your league. Here are five DIY fails that needed a home service professional.


DIY painting

We know HGTV makes it look easy but unfortunately, watching one episode of Fixer Upper or attending a “Painting With a Twist” class does not qualify you to be a professional painter. There are some nuances to the process that a professional can anticipate and manage.

For example, in repainting the bathroom, it’s easy to grab the first paint you see at the store and get to work. However, a professional knows that painting a bathroom requires much more preparation than picking a color. Neglecting to clean, prime, or select the appropriate type of paint can cause you hours at the hardware store and in the bathroom, (not relaxing in the tub). Avoid a DIY fail, mess, and overspending by connecting with a professional.


Plumbing tools

DIY plumbing projects can go down the drain quickly. (<–See what we did there?) YouTube tutorials can be helpful, but they can only provide so much insight. If the professional you are watching skips a step, or you do, you can easily do more damage than there was to begin with.

For example, toilet installation could be a simple process that looks easy to tackle. However, it is a very detail oriented project. If you miss a step, like removing plastic bags from a sewer opening, you could flood the entire house. Plumbing is a tedious craft with no room for mistakes and the cost of a DIY plumbing fail far outweighs the cost of a professional plumber.


Ceiling fan

An electrical project can not only be frustrating but truly dangerous to you and those around you. It seems straightforward enough to turn off the power at the breaker and get to business, but there is far more that can go wrong.

For example, installing a ceiling fan often results in a DIY fail. You want some air flow and overhead lighting, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. This project is only accessible from a ladder, but pets can run by, or your enthusiastic helper could bump it. If you’re not sure what you’re doing with the black, white, red and green wires there could be sparks, fires, or worse.

A licensed electrician will SHOCK you at how quickly the job can be done. Home service professionals know the order of tasks and the safest way to survive a new ceiling fan installation.


DIY fail roofing

There are plenty of projects to be done around the house, but perhaps leave the “life threatening” ones to the professionals. Keeping a roof over your head is important but there are other risks involved past potentially falling from your roof.

For example, it may seem easy enough to hop up on your roof and take a look around. However, even small tasks like walking on flashing or certain shingles can cause leaks. DIY roof projects can even threaten insurance coverage for your roof. The roof needs to be cared for by a trained professional who is aware of the safety requirements, complexities, and structure of the roof. Stay on the ground and let the professional, licensed roofer climb this ladder.

Pest and Termite

DIY fail pest control

Exterminating pests and termites is gross and complicated. When you can see one there are usually many more behind the scenes, and one trap or spray will not fix your issue. Not to mention that the clean up from the aftermath is not fun for anyone.

For example, many people think getting a cat will fix your mice issues and it does, to an extent. Cats can be generous killers and offer you their prey as a prize. They like to leave the reward in areas that you are sure to find, like the bathroom floor first thing in the morning. That’ll wake you up quicker than an espresso! Let Jonny On It connect you with a local professional to rid your home of unwanted creatures that bite, scratch, or sting. Apply the best method of pest control by contacting a pro.


There are many projects around the house that are perfect for some DIY love like making candles, or hanging family portraits. However, there are some things that you really should leave to the professionals. Let Jonny On It connect you to local trained professionals to get the job done right quickly and safely.

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