May 16, 2019

Electrical Project: Why You Should Hire a Pro

Electrical Projects

DIYs can be fun projects until someone gets hurt. Electrical projects are especially dangerous; the most obvious consequences are being electrocuted and fire, but there are many other concerns that can arise from not hiring a professional. According to The Electrical Safety Foundation, “there are nearly 400 electrocutions in the United States each year.” May is National Electrical Safety Month, so we decided to explain why it is wiser and safer to hire an electrician to complete all your electrical projects.

1. Dangerous

Electrical Outlet

The most evident reason to hire a professional is because of how risky electrical projects can be. Unfortunately, watching HGTV does not make you an expert in home repair projects. A professional is trained and properly equipped to complete electrical problems as safely as possible. In a DIY electrical project, you may think you are following the steps perfectly but you can easily miss a detail that can keep you from safely finishing the repair. With electrical work, the slightest mistake can lead to injuries and/or put your household at risk. There’s no such thing as a little electrical project. Something as straightforward as installing a ceiling fan can be dangerous. A common mistake many DIYers make with this seemingly mundane task is, failing to install a proper mount to keep a heavy ceiling fan from plummeting to the ground. Keep you and your home protected by hiring a professional Electrician when repairs or renovations are out of your scope.

2. Less Stress

Professional Electrician

Professional Electricians have years of education and experience and hiring a professional can save you from dangerous consequences. If unexpected problems arise they can troubleshoot to fix the problem and still get it done in a timely manner. When a problem comes up during your DIY project, the issue might not get resolved for hours while you do research. The time spent researching and finessing can eat away at your patience as well as money, and more often than not, could lead to no resolution at all. Electricians can relieve your stress instantly by finishing a project correctly and safely without you lifting a finger. An electrician is responsible and is trained to find the answer no matter what.

3. Future Electrical Problems

Completed job

If you manage to make it through a DIY electrical project unscathed you might not be out of the woods just yet. Many electrical issues can occur in the future after the project is completed. If one step in the project is missed it might not visibly seem wrong. However, over time the repair can conk out until all he** breaks loose. Old and outdated outlets, switches, and wires are one of the leading causes of electrical fires. A professional can easily detect if the outlet or switch is faulty, whereas an average homeowner can easily miss the signs. Electrical fires are the most common concern that can be caused by improper repairs. The Electrical Safety Foundation states that “An estimated 360,900 residential building fires are reported to United States fire departments each year and caused an estimated 2,495 deaths, 13,250 injuries and $7 billion in property losses. The leading cause of the largest fires was an electrical malfunction.” Knowing these statistics, hiring a professional should be a no brainer.

All of these issues can be avoided by hiring a licensed electrician who will get the job done efficiently and correctly. DIY projects are not worth injuring yourself, your home, or your family and they will not save you money if future problems arise from mistakes. Take National Electrical Safety Month to heart and make the best choice for you. We can match you with the perfect electrician right from your fingertips with our free app. Download Jonny On It for iOS or Android today and stay safe this month and every month!

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