September 25, 2018

Here’s Jonny… On it

We're On It

Hey, I’m Jonny On it and I save you time and worry while selling a client’s home… sounds pretty awesome right? That’s not even the best part!

Picture this, you’re about to take the last step to sell a home, and boom a pipe bursts or you find a termite infestation. The heartbreak sets in, and the panic begins to emerge… how much will this cost? Who can you call in such short notice that will get this job done? How do you know they’re reliable? You don’t, which is why I’m here to swoop in and save the day by connecting you safely and securely with quality service providers in real-time!

I love my job.

I can turn selling a house, which most clients consider a stressful situation, into what it should be- a celebration! Selling a home is a monumental moment for your clients and it should be filled with smiles, laughs, and memories. I’m here to take over the headache of fixing that leaky roof while you enjoy guiding your clients in this exciting new step of selling a home. My favorite part of aiding in this process is being able to watch the relief wash over and the realization that someone is on their side and is going to take care of this!

My app takes away the impending fear that is sure to set in during those stressful hours. It’s user friendly and no matter what the job, I’ve got your back. We have service providers from painting, electrician, roofing, carpentry, heating and air, plumbing, pest control, and more to come. I handle everything from scheduling the job, quotes, documentation, and payments. You’ve got multiple jobs? No problem! I can manage your jobs, quotes, and payments in real time and keep track of your favorite vendors.

In a nutshell, I’m Jonny, I love my job and I can’t wait to help out around the house.

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