April 9, 2019

Self-Care Tips for Realtors

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We all know how challenging it can be to practice self-care especially when you are self-employed. Your busy schedule leaves little to no time to even think about doing something for yourself… or so you think. Self-care can be done in many different ways and can mean something different for everyone. However, the end results are always the same. Taking the time to do something nice for yourself will improve your physical and mental health. This month is the perfect time to start that self-care goal you’ve been avoiding since January. April brings warmer weather and lots of Easter candy, but it also brings stressful situations like taxes and unpredictable weather. If you commit to taking care of yourself it can make this transition month go more smoothly.

We’ve put together some tips on how to succeed at self-care as a realtor. No matter how busy your life may feel, these small steps can bring you some much-needed stress relief this month and every month.

Make Time For Yourself

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Set aside time every day to do something for yourself. Start with reserving 10 to 15 minutes a day to do a small act, like doing a face mask or listening to a new podcast. Once you get used to setting aside small amounts of time try bigger activities like exercising or finishing that book you started 5 months ago. Even writing down your thoughts can be effective in calming yourself down. A study from the Journal of Advances in Psychiatric Treatment found that journaling for 15 – 20 minutes can help the coping process for stressful or emotional events. Do what makes you happy, and helps you find joy every day. Always remember “Self-care is not selfish. You must fill your own cup before you can pour into others”. You might fall off the wagon every now and then but having positive memories can help you get back in the habit.

Understand the Value of Your Time

Time is Valuable

Being self-employed can bring many challenges including time-management. As a Realtor, your time is valuable to you, your clients, and your potential clients. A balance needs to be created to keep the peace. Keep track of where you spend most of your time and how it correlates with making a sale. Once you have evidence on the most productive way to spend your time, you can delegate your efforts in a more profitable way. This experiment can show you visually what areas actually make a difference in the sale, and what areas do not need as much time. For example, if you are spending too much time trying to finish a client’s punch list we can save you some headaches with our home service provider app. You can find the Jonny On It app in iTunes and Google Play Store. 😉

Get Organized

Organize for self-care

Being organized is helpful for your personal and work life space. Creating a structure is an easy way to re-evaluate areas that feel scattered. Start with a few areas that need an upgrade like your desk, computer, or even your briefcase. How you organize is a personal process, so figure out the best strategy for you and your workflow. If you are the type of person that feels like they need inspiration, there are a few tools that can help keep you organized. Evernote, keeps all your notes in one place even allowing you to scan random to-do lists you wrote down in a hurry. Another helpful tool is Quickbooks which can keep you organized with your income and invoicing. We recommend using this month as a catalyst for reorganizing your goals for the rest of the year. Go through what you have accomplished in the last four months, and what is still plausible. There is nothing wrong with changing your goals. Being honest with yourself will help your stress levels stay at bay even if your goals need to be adjusted.


Self-care takes time and practice, but the end results are always worth it. Taking care of yourself can help strengthen your relationships with others, boost your productivity, enhance your self-esteem, and much more. Decide to take the next step and try out at least one of our tips. It’s okay if you are not perfect at first, what matters is that you are trying.

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