October 8, 2018

Selling Your Home in the Off Season

Selling A Home in the Off Season

Everyone knows that fall is the start of the off season for buying and selling homes. Zillow reports that the best time to sell a house to get the highest price and minimize time on the market is in the spring — specifically, during the first half of May. However, there are great reasons to sell in the “off season.” This time of year can make any home appear unique with less competition around and typically the off season buyers are more serious; fewer tire kickers. In addition, savvy buyers are aware of the tax deductions and want to close before the end of December.

Fall always seems like the busiest time of year with school starting back up, football season beginning, and the crazy number of holidays all packed in 3 months. Doesn’t feel like the perfect time to sell a house, right? Though it may feel like an impossible task to close a home this fall, I’ve put together a list of a few suggestions to make the off season really work for you. So, check out my list and know that I am always on your side no matter what the season brings!

Winter is Coming.

The fall brings cooler air and the perfect time to get all the work on the exterior and interior done before the temperatures drop below 30 degrees (unless you live in FL)! Here are some items to consider when sprucing the place up this season.

  • Refresh interior and exterior paint
  • Clean the windows inside and out
  • Check that all the lights are working
  • Do a basic yard clean- up
  • Sweep and blow your driveway before every tour


Fall is a beautiful time of year, especially for pictures. Photographing the house can be a huge selling point in the fall! Great photos can make a difference when shopping for a house. The fall season gives bright colors and can set a beautiful scene to entice potential buyers.

In addition to the basic yard clean-up and sweeping the driveway, decorating for fall adds a cozy and friendly atmosphere for potential buyers on tours. Decorating with warm fall colors and offering festive treats like a yummy apple cider drink can really warm up the space. To incorporate all the senses add a nice pumpkin spice candle to round out that fall feeling.

There are drawbacks to buying or selling a home this time of year: flu season, unpredictable weather, shorter days. However, it’s nice to be able to find someone the perfect home before the holidays. Make the experience fun and warm with a few of the above tricks and tips. Then you can sit back and relax by your fire knowing there’s no off season for you.

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