February 25, 2019

Spring Your Plumbing Into Action

Spring your plumbing into action

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house, your plumbing needs love too! We aren’t through with pipe concerns even though we are almost through with winter. Spring is on the horizon, and by the horizon, we mean next week. According to Farmer’s Almanac, the meteorological (which is based on the annual temperature cycle and the 12-month calendar) start date for the spring season is March 1st. It’s time to start prepping your home for warmer weather. Your plumbing is one of the most important utilities in your home and it needs to be checked before the season change (ehem, now). In the winter, your plumbing has been through some harsh weather and overuse, so give it some extra love before spring rolls in.

Check out these tips to prep your plumbing for Spring.

Tip #1 Your Sink’s Plumbing Needs Attention

Sink Plumbing

Between the holidays and super bowl parties, your sink goes through a lot during the winter season. Of course, frozen pipes are always a worry during the winter months, but don’t forget about the garbage disposal. Pouring oils and fats down the drain can also wreak havoc on your pipes and cause them to freeze when temperatures drop. The oil and fats can also clog your drain, so make sure to dispose of your grease properly. A quick inspection of the drain and garbage disposal can save you from having issues with your sink in the future.

Tip #2 Your Water Heater Might Be in Hot Water

Water Heater

A home’s water heater is an unsung hero during the winter months. How would we survive winter without a warm shower? The water heater has worked hard for the past few months to keep that shower warm, so it might need a quick look over to avoid being run down for the rest of the year. Let’s be honest, we don’t want our warm showers to go away anytime soon. Being preemptive with a water heater inspection during the season change can help you avoid cold showers in the future.

Tip #3 Rot, Rust, and Mold Oh My!


We know you’ve been holed up all winter, so before spring starts make sure to check for rot, mold, or rust from leaky faucets. A leaky faucet can easily create mold spots which are unattractive and can be very dangerous to your health. The faucet is not the only one in danger of contracting some funk, the surrounding areas are also at risk. Cabinetry can rot from a leaky faucet and become feeble enough to drop stored items. A rusted faucet is the most time-sensitive repair because of how quickly it can grow into a larger issue. If rust continues to build on or around your faucet the leak can worsen and develop cracks. Where there are cracks, there will be a pipe burst which results in a costly repair. To avoid overpriced repairs in the future an inspection for rot, rust, and mold is recommended before spring…so now.

To start your spring on the right foot keep these tips in your back pocket to avoid an unpredictable home maintenance challenge. Delays in plumbing repairs will only hurt your home more in the end, so stay diligent on getting them fixed quickly and safely. As always, if your plumbing issues get out of hand, and you need a quality professional to fix them, Jonny On It has your back!

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