October 26, 2018

Staging Your Home In The Fall

Staging Tips

‘Tis the season to stage and sell a home!

The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are starting to change, and everyone on Instagram has taken their yearly pumpkin patch picture. It’s officially fall.

Fall is the perfect time of year to sell a home, and what better season than fall to decorate? Beautiful staging can make or break a sale. Buyers want to picture their future and feel that this house is the perfect place to make memories. Here are some tips that are as simple as pumpkin pie to pull off so you can freshen up the house inside and out!

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Staging the outside of your house is its first impression. Whether they see it in a picture or in person, your house needs to be inviting on the outside and comfortable on the inside. Creating an appealing environment before guests arrive is simple. Rake the leaves, keep the driveway clear, and add some seasonal foliage that brings color to the front of the house (mums, aster, witch-hazels, etc.). These plants are beautiful and hardy enough to survive in the cooler temperatures. Another way to enhance the curb appeal is to pressure wash the siding giving the house a fresh look for potential buyers.

Bring the Light in

Bright home

The fall season not only brings colder weather, but it also brings shorter days. So, keep in mind that the house needs to have as much light as possible. This keeps the bright airy feeling alive during tours and the brighter the room the larger it feels. An easy way to keep the home bright is to clean the windows. You should also turn all the lights on, especially ones that can be seen from the street. If the home has a fireplace, use it to bring more light in and to showcase another element! Remember without proper lighting any beautiful house can look dull.

Accentuate Coziness


Fall brings out the desire for warmth and peacefulness. Demonstrating the coziness in a home is a huge factor to close this season. Buyers touring homes during this time of year want to picture themselves living there. It’s an added bonus if they can picture themselves watching football or snuggled up under a blanket by the fire. Adding little touches to the home like fall colored blankets, books, autumn-inspired centerpieces, or seasonal candles will help elevate the coziness in the home.

Less is More

All the pumpkins


Autumn lets you get fun and creative when decorating or staging a home, but always remember that less is more. Going overboard on the decorations and fall themed accents can hurt in the long run. Yes, it is great to showcase the house with themed elements but taking the decorating too far can deter potential buyers from seeing the home as their own. Keep it simple and let the house speak for itself and it will be sold in no time.

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