August 28, 2019

The Jonny Pro Series- Electrician

Electrician Pro Series
Glenn Walker, Electrician

Glenn Walker has been an electrician for over 20 years. In college, he studied computer science and business, while spending his summers picking up side jobs alongside local electricians. He also worked with plumbers, and other professional service technicians during his breaks from school. Post college, Glenn worked in training for a software company. Through this experience, he learned he had a preference for interacting with people and for problem solving. He never forgot the complexities that electrical engineering requires, and decided to bring exceptional customer service to his Atlanta community. So, he applied his extensive expertise to his company, A & Z Electric Services.

One of Glenn’s favorite aspects of his job is the family environment he has created with his team. He only works with trustworthy and intelligent electricians to provide an unmatched customer experience.

You can always expect honesty and quality from A & Z Electric Services. “We see hazards and we see things that can wait. We’ll always prioritize what needs to be taken care of, versus things that are not of immediate concern.”

Strange Encounters

After countless hours of repairs and maintenance in the electrical field, Glenn has seen almost everything. One day, a woman called explaining that her ceiling fan and lights turned on and off by themselves, he had his doubts. However, when Glenn arrived, the lights mysteriously turned on without cause. From his experience, Glenn knew the right questions to ask to solve this problem. He discovered that the woman’s neighbor recently installed the same model ceiling fan and the remotes were on the same frequency. This is a common issue; most people don’t change the remote frequency from the factory settings. So, when the neighbor turned on their ceiling fan or lights, the woman’s fan and lights did as well. Next time you install a new ceiling fan, change the frequency on the remote so your neighbor doesn’t think they have an apparition playing with their light fixtures.

The Science behind being an Electrician

As the A & Z Electric Services team completes their jobs they educate their clients on electrical safety. For smaller tasks, the team helps you find the correct approach to solve issues within your home if you can “DIY.” Glenn believes having awareness will not only keep you safe but also save you money.

DIY Do’s

  • You can change a broken light bulb as long as you turn off the power switch. Just make sure no one flips the light switch on while you’re working.
  • If your power outlet stops working and it has a reset button on the panel, simply push the reset button on your outlet and it usually corrects itself.

DIY Don’ts

  • Do NOT remove your breaker panel! Electrical currents aren’t visible to the naked eye. Without the breaker panel being present, it can lead to electrocution.
  • Do NOT mess with your electric meter outside. Interfering with the meter can also lead to electrocution.

Glenn is a Jonny Pro

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