July 8, 2019

The Jonny Pro Series – Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation
Ken Goodnight, Spaulding Decon

Ken Goodnight is the passionate President and Franchise Owner of Spaulding Decon, a mold remediation business. For twenty-four years, Ken worked in a communications position before seeking a new career opportunity. He was introduced to Spaulding Decon, a company that not only tackles mold removal but also handles crime scene cleanup, water damage, and biohazard sites among others. As someone who isn’t afraid of messy things, Ken found this to be an exciting new turn.

As you can imagine, mold remediation is not something most people want to handle themselves. Ken says his favorite thing about the job is the people he gets to help. He loves the handshakes, hugs, and “thank yous” from his customers.

“Everyone we go out to has a need. They can’t do it themselves.”

Ken remembers being shocked when he went through training and found out how hazardous mold can be to our health. Although everyone has a different sensitivity level to mold, it can cause serious respiratory damage. He and his team work hard to make sure that everyone feels comfortable after the work is finished.

Strange Encounters

Although he’s only been in the business for two and a half years, Ken has seen a variety of different cases. He recalled a few stories that certainly raised some eyebrows. One narrative had to do with a single home and 34 cats. We’ll let you use your imagination on that one.

There was a particular instance when Ken was called to inspect mold in a dining room. The homeowner’s dining room was an extension of the house and Ken initially believed the mold was caused by a water leak. When a team member began using a saw to extract the entire piece of mold, they noted that there was a lot of “resistance.” Before he knew it, a beehive fell out of the wall. Luckily, it was winter and the bees were dormant. Ken suspected that the honey was moist enough to cause the mold.

The Facts About Mold

Did you know that there are actually hundreds of different types of mold? Although there are so many kinds, only a few of them cause allergic reactions. These allergies vary from person to person. Outdoor molds usually cause seasonal allergies, while indoor molds may cause symptoms year-round. Generally, mold symptoms include things like runny noses, itchy or watery eyes, and sneezing. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, mold might be the reason behind them.

Mold needs three things to exist: water, warm temperatures, and food. The “food” mold eats is usually wood or drywall. Ken notes that the conditions in Georgia are perfect for mold which is why he sees so many cases.

His team uses a three-step process when practicing mold remediation. First they clean, then they kill, and finally they encapsulate. Spaulding Decon uses toxic free chemicals when going through their procedures so you, your children, and your pets are safe!


  • Call a specialist. Mold removal is not a task for your average homeowner. Professionals have the proper gear to safely assess your situation and remove the mold.
  • When in doubt, have your home tested. Mold is too dangerous to leave to chance. Always get a professional’s take on things.
  • Use a MERV 10 filter in your home. This efficient air filter will be able to catch mold spores. Any filter rated lower than this will not.


  • Blow a fan on your mold. This will spread the spores throughout the air, putting you at greater risk for contaminating other parts of your home.
  • Use bleach or mold treatment from a local hardware store. While bleach does kill mold, it does not kill mold spores. There is a chance that your mold could resurface.
  • Neglect your basements and crawl spaces. This is where most people find mold in their homes.

Ken Goodnight is a Jonny Pro

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