June 7, 2019

The Jonny Pro Series – Pest Control

pro series - Pest Control
Greg Holley | Zone Home Solutions

Greg Holley worked in the pest control business just three and a half years before becoming a general manager. He had always dreamed of opening his own company, and in 1996 Greg saw the opportunity. Greg moved from the southern town of Dublin, Georgia, to the booming city of North Atlanta where he created Zone Pest Control.

Early on, Greg decided that he wanted his company to be a place where his employees could find a good career path and stick around to build long-relationships with their customers. You can hear the pride in his voice when he talks about his team.

“My guys are problem solvers. They know and understand what the homeowner needs because they consistently show up to that home. Some of my guys have been working at the same house for so long that they’ve seen a kid start kindergarten and then seen that same kid pack his bags for college.”

One of his favorite days of the month is the second Tuesday, when his team comes together for a meal, to network, and to solve problems.

Greg might run a Pest Control and HVAC company, but his primary motivation is people.

“People call us because they have a problem and then we get to go in and find the solution. That’s our motto, where problems meet solutions.”

Strange Encounters

Over the years, Greg has come across more strange encounters than he cares to remember. Let’s just say that Greg could probably start a side gig consulting on horror films.

He did have one encounter with bed bugs that left him scratching his head (thankfully, not from the bugs). A certain fraternity house at Georgia Tech had acquired a new sofa on a college budget (free from off the curb). Apparently, the guys were pretty attached to the sofa but it had one problem: it was full of bed bugs. Greg came for a visit and treated not only the sofa but the entire house. However, word got to one of the boy’s moms about the sofa and it “mysteriously” disappeared.

The Science Behind Pest Control

One of the most fascinating things Greg shared with us was how different bugs are treated. For example, if you have an ant problem, a good pest control company will be able to identify the type of ant and use a solution targeted at that species. Help your pest control provider by taking a picture of any of the little guys you find roaming around your house. Greg regularly has customers sending him photos. Before the days of smartphones, people actually sent him dead bugs. Greg and his technicians are trained to identify different types of pest. He even keeps a microscope on his desk and an entomologist on retainer.

The good news is that because solutions are targeted to eliminate specific pests, the sprays aren’t harmful to pets, children, or anyone else who may encounter them.


  • Always clean your dishes before going to bed. Most pests are sugar feeders or protein feeders, both of which are readily available on dirty dishes.
  • Keep tree limbs and bushes out of contact with the house. Pest control creates a barrier around the house but a limb that brushes up against the house provides the perfect workaround for determined pests.
  • Always check items that you bring into your home. Pests will frequently enter a treated home through an outside source such as packages or potted plants.

DIY Don’ts

  • Don’t leave pet food out overnight. Pet food is primarily made up of protein so those protein-loving pests will feast on Fluffy’s food while you sleep.
  • Leave the chemicals to the experts. Over-the-counter chemicals can be harmful to humans and animals.
  • Live animals often carry diseases, never try to remove them by yourself.

Greg Holley is a Jonny Pro

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