September 26, 2019

The Jonny Pro-Series- Plumber

JPS Plumber
Daniel from Progressive Plumbing

Progressive Plumbing is working to redefine your image of the “stereotypical plumber.” Daniel Liebenberg, the founder of Progressive Plumbing, works with clean-cut, trustworthy professionals to bring their clients a great experience. Daniel’s plumbing career began with apple irrigation in Cape Town, South Africa over 19 years ago. After his initial introduction to the plumbing industry, Daniel migrated to the United States. He loves “interacting with people, diagnosing plumbing problems, and seeing satisfied customers.”

According to Daniel, there are many advantages to being a plumber. Plumbers combine learning on the job and creative thinking to deliver effective and efficient solutions. Each day and every situation is unique for a professional plumber. “As long as there are people, there is a need for plumbers.”

Strange Plumbing Request

Think twice about skimping on your budget when it comes to installing gas lines. Progressive Plumbing encountered a restaurant that insisted that they install a gas line in the cheapest way possible. There are many complications that can arise if the installation isn’t done correctly. You run the risk of gas explosions, improper pipe usage, or fines from city departments. Daniel explained the many obstacles to the restaurant group, but they demanded that he take the thrifty option. Unfortunately, Progressive Plumbing and the restaurant weren’t able to come to a safe resolution, so they parted ways. One month later, Daniel was driving by that same restaurant, and it had burned down. In this instance, the restaurant’s frugality didn’t end well.

Money Going Down the Drain

Over the years, Progressive Plumbing has been called in for many different types of services. Commonly, residents have issues with clogged garbage disposals, or bathroom pipes. Daniel recommends avoiding using garbage disposals as trash cans. When it comes to solving the mystery of a clogged drain, he advised against wasting money on popular liquid drain clog removers. Call a professional to resolve your problems. Unfortunately, liquid drain clog removers can not discern between your pipe or hair.This causes unnecessary wear on your pipes over time.

Plumbing DIY Do’s

  • Do flush your water heater annually. This will rid your water heater of any sediment build-up. 
  • Do turn off your water before going on long vacations. Before you leave, locate your water main and turn it off. Floods often occur when you’re away from your home.
  • Do put ice cubes down your garbage disposal and run cool water over it. This will clean your garbage disposal and eliminate unwanted smells. 
  • Do put as little amount of food down your garbage disposal as possible to avoid clogs. 

Plumbing DIY Don’ts

  • Don’t use your garbage disposal as a trash can
  • Don’t flush anything down your toilet other than toilet paper. This includes items labeled as “flushable wipes,” – they’re not flushable.
  • Don’t try to alter your water pressure on your own, call a plumber.

Daniel is a Jonny Pro

For plumbing work, home repair services, or simple maintenance, download Jonny On It, the home service provider app and let a professional handle the dirty work. 

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